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Feeders Division

Feeder Application Form

Eligible Livestock

  • Feeder Cattle including: steers, heifers, young feeder bulls (no breeding bulls), and cows that are fed in dry lot.

Program Particulars

  • Minimum loan amount $10,000.00.
  • Maximum loan amount $250,000.00 per yard.
  • Loans exceeding the maximum amount may be available upon joint approval by Foothills Livestock Co-Op and our money lender.
  • $200.00 lifetime non-refundable membership fee.
  • Loan term is 365 days.
  • $10.00 per head administration charges.


Interest Rates

  • Floating - CIBC Prime Rate plus 1/2%
  • No early payout penalties.



  • 10% pooled security.
  • One time administration fee of $40.00.
  • Setup fee $125.00. (Security Agreement will be registered at Personal Property Registry)
  • All Feeders purchased MUST be branded with Foothills Livestock Co-Op brands.



  • All feeder cattle must be branded with Foothills Livestock Co-Op Brand.
  • All private treaty sales must have a certified brand inspection payable by Member prior to placing our FLC Brand.


Group Protection Plan

  • Mandatory Full Protection Mortality.
  • Premium is 1% of loan.
  • Deductible 2% of loan with a minimum of $1000.00.
  • Co-Op must be notified within 24 hours of death with claim form/photos/etc.


Purchasing Cattle

  • Member must have a Purchase Order from Foothills Livestock Co-op as well as their Security Deposit in place with FLC prior to buying.
  • All purchased cattle MUST be branded with Foothills Livestock Co-Op Brand. We require an invoice in order for us to pay the Auction Mart.
  • All private treaty sales must be free and clear. If cattle are held as security, a release is required or a cheque for the cattle will be issued jointly to the member and the secured party
  • All private treaty sales must have a certified brand inspection payable by Member.


Sale of Cattle

  • Feeder cattle must be manifested to Foothills Livestock Co-Op on account with the member.
  • Notice should be given to Co-op prior to selling cattle as well as any special payment directions when receiving profit.
  • Profit may be given throughout an open contract with approval based on average.


Feedlot Agreement

  • If cattle are fed in custom feedlot, member must have signed waiver with feedlot owner of feedlot agreement signed.
  • Failure to notify the Co-Op before placement of cattle at feedlot will constitute default of all loans.



  • All members are assigned a tag number by the Co-Op. CCIA tags can be used with member's numbers added to the tag.